Education is essential for the success of a minister. Not all ministers want or need a degree, but with the reality for ministry in today’s culture, training at some level helps a minister be more effective. In addition, there are those ministers that want to earn a degree to be a leader with impact. Whatever the need, there is education available at every level through the Church of God in Canada. Canadian students can go from one phase to another, based on their need, by earning credits from non-formal training and having options at each level to continue their studies until they earn a Doctor of Ministry degree.




The Church of God in Canada offers non-formal education for ministerial development that includes preparation for ministerial credentialing, practical training for ministry and coaching of pastors.

Although non-formal education is for the training and preparation for ministry, the credits earned from the various programmeswill allow students to continue their studies for a bachelor’s degree at a partner school in Phase Two.

For more information on ministerial training, check out the non-formal education programmesoffered by the Church of God in Canada:




 The Church of God in Canada partners with three schools to offer undergraduate education. 

Students can earn an accredited bachelor’s degree at one of our partner schools or earn a bachelor’s equivalency certificate in two years at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary to enter into one of their master’s programme. 

Credits from the non-formal programs will be accepted by our partner schools. 

For more information on undergraduate education, check out the undergraduate programmes of our partner schools:




 The Church of God in Canada offers graduate education with our denominational seminary, the Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS).

 Students have the option to obtain an accredited master’s degree online from PTS. After completing a master’s degree, students can continue their studies to earn a Doctor of Ministry with PTS while living in Canada.

 For more information on graduate education, check out the available graduate degrees with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.