Clifton West

 Clifton West

Prince George, Virginia |

Clifton West is the State Evangelist in Virginia.  He felt called to preach at the age of 16 and at 17 began evangelizing.  He has been an evangelist his entire ministry.  

This commitment to the ministry of evangelism is very strong in Clifton’s life.  He states, “the evangelist is one of the five-fold ministries we read about in the New Testament.  I believe the evangelist plays a significant role right along side the apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and so forth.  It will take all of these ministries working together to really see the harvest of souls we want to see in the last days.”

Anyone who experiences a real move of God is certainly going to want more.

This evangelist lives and breathes revival.  The landscape for revival may have changed from the time he started but his passion to reach people with the message of Jesus has not changed.  “Scheduling revivals has changed over the years. More churches are having one-day revivals or Friday – Sunday meetings.  This has caused me to look for other ways to have influence – things like social media, writing books and producing CDs.  I will do what I need to do to get the message out.”

“I have not lost hope.  I think the best way to promote revival in the future is to have a real revival in the present.  In other words, if someone really experiences revival, they are going to value it.  Anyone who experiences a real move of God is certainly going to want more.”

When asked what God is saying to him today, Clifton emphatically said, “We are on the brink of a great harvest of souls so our Church must be prepared to tap into this golden opportunity – we must not miss this opportunity!  I believe God is calling us to once again fall in love with Jesus.  When we are so in love with Him, we will be passionate about reaching the lost.  We just can’t be like Samson who was born with purpose, anointed with power and filled with potential yet became sidetracked.  The Church must stay on point and not become sidetracked by secondary things.  This is speaking to my heart today.”

Clifton West is available for revival throughout the Church of God.  He can be reached through the contact information noted above.